How To Solve the IIS 7.5 Detailed Error you get at the time of using wampserver

By | May 3, 2017

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to take care of the issue of IIS 7.5 detailed error when you are utilizing WampServer. The full type of internet information services. You confront an IIS 7.5 Point by point mistake when a local system  named – world wide web publishing service starts in your PC system.


The individuals who are acquainted with how to start or stop an service may Go to services, situate for world and stop the service and Restart the WampServer. That is it, you’re finished.

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The individuals who are very little known to administrations may keep on reading this take after the means recorded beneath to dispose of the IIS 7.5 point by point mistake while utilizing WampServer :-

Step By step instrcution To Solve IIS 7.5 error in wampserver


1.) start task and tap on the services menu and there you will see numerous services, at the base right you will discover a button named “serivcess”. click on the button


2.) After you click on the button you will see a new window like that  will open, this window contains the points of interest of the considerable number of services in your PC system.


3.) Now search for the service named “Windows Web publishing service” Stop the serivce by right tapping on it. That is it you have done. Be that as it may, note you will confront similar issue each time you start your system

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so Right click on the serive named “Windows Web publishing service” and tap on Properties, subsequent to clicking on properties another window will show up. In that window you will see the name of the service and different points of interest of it. Simply make the Startup sort as Manual and click on Apply.


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Install Mysql and Php on widnows for IIs

In case you’re similar to me and get the inclination to mess around with your PC then this may intrigue you or in case you’re genuinely looking to setup an IIS Server alongside MySQL and phpMyAdmin on the other hand, this is for you. This is a quick how-to for setting up MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Windows in case you’re wanting to install WordPress or any such application reliant on these technologies. There are different choices like Xampp however I’d get a kick out of the chance to discuss how one can set these parts separately. Setting up an IIS Server is very simple and so is MySQL and phpMyAdmin, so here’s the manner by which:

Setting up IIS (Windows 7):

To do this take after these means:

start –> Control pannel

Programs –> Uninstall a program

Turn Windows features on or off (left sidebar)

Check ‘Internet Information services’ and ‘Internt information services Hostable Web core’.

Ok. Sreenshot:


Once the installation is done, you’ll have to start the server. To do this:

Search for IIS –> Select IIS Manager
Select your PC from the left sidebar & hit ‘Start’ on the right sidebar. Screenshot:


  • Install MySQL:

Now that IIS is installed, we’ll set up MySQL, to do that:

  1. Run the setup
  2. Select the ‘Typical’ setup & keep hitting Next & Install.



Once MySQL wizard finishes it will ask you whether you need to enlist the server and on the off chance that you need to configure the server. To save time and bother, we’ll uncheck the enlistment alternative and will configure the server, screenshots:



security settings, I’d suggest keep that thing that you’ll not easily forgot & nothing to complicated. Set the MySQL service to auto run saving you time. Screenshots:



  • Installing phpMyAdmin:

We’ll be installing php My Admin as it’s a GUI to managing the tables:

  1. Extract it to:
  2. Now navigate to the same directory & rename the file
  3. Open the file in Notepad & find
    $cfg[‘blowfish_secret’] = ‘ ’;
  4. Within the ‘ ’ insert any word, eg: manan. The line should look like:
    $cfg[‘blowfish_secret’] = ‘manan’;
  5. Now you have to save. Note that the file name should be
  6. In your browser, go to:
  7. And that’s it, login with the credentials you provided during the MySQL. If all’s the   things aredone right & the php God’s are smiling you should seen own your login page, something like this:
How to Run WAMP Server Parallel with IIS 7 on Windows

wampserver is one of the best software packages that install and manages Apache, MySQL and PHP effectively on Windows. Be that as it may, when you as of now have IIS running then you will most likely be unable to run  wampserver at Localhost. You have to shutdown IIS keeping in mind the end goal to run wampserver appropriately.

In this short instructional exercise, I will let you know how you can run wampserver on Windows without closing down IIS 7 on Windows 7. By taking after this instructional exercise you can run wampserver on http://localhost:8080 and IIS 7 on http://localhost

You have to install IIS and WAMP Server first to take after this instructional exercise. Normally in the wake of introducing WAMP Server, when you open http://localhost, you can get to the WAMPServer page however in the event that IIS 7 is install and kept running with WAMP server, IIS 7 page is opened.


To run wampserver parallel with IIS 7, we need to assign port 8080 to

wampserver so that it will surely on http://localhost:8080 and IIS 7 runs on

To do this, click on WAMP Server icon on taskbar and go to Apache > httpd.conf



Now you can access WAMP Server access on http://localhost:8080